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Earn money for every new customer you bring to YourOtherTeacher.com, Inc. You'll get up to 40% for each new sign-up. With our tiered compensation structure, the more customers you refer, the more money you'll earn. We pay on a regular monthly payment schedule. Plus, we're also giving the new customers you refer a discount on YourOtherTeacher.com Service! It's a great deal for you and your site visitors.

We're the best on-demand and most popular online tutoring service. The YourOtherTeacher.com Service features pre-recorded lesson plans covering all possible homework problems from Kindergarten to University level students face and unlimited access to a growing library – which includes more than 60 courses – for a flat subscription fee. It's simple and convenient, and it eliminates the need for parents to reschedule their appointments, drive to a specific location, or getting help that is available only during specific hours! Our teachers never get tired and we’re accessible no matter where you live.

It's so simple! As an affiliate, you'll direct your customers to YourOtherTeacher.com through links on your site. We provide you with the easy-to-use tools to set up, manage, and monitor your links. We pay on a regular monthly schedule. We also make it easy for referrals to subscribe to our tutoring service and for you to earn the 20%per-member referral fee. And, of course, we take care of all the fulfillment details.

YourOtherTeacher.com gives you the opportunity to earn even more than the standard 30%-per-member referral fee, by offering higher referral fees when you hit monthly milestones.

Number of Subscribers* in any month
**Referral Fee earned per Subscriber
1 to 24 Subscribers
25 to 74 Subscribers
75 to 149 Subscribers
150 to 299 Subscribers
300+ Subscribers

* Please see the YourOtherTeacher.com Affiliate Agreement for details.

Contact our affiliate manager directly at affiliates@yourotherteacher.com

*** Minimum payout is $5.

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