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Course Name: Statics
Course length: 80 hours of video instruction
Course Description: The link below can be used to play the streaming Statics video:

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Statics is the analysis of forces on structures in static equilibrium, properties of static forces, static moments, couples and resultant, conditions for equilibrium (statics), static friction, centroids, and area moments of inertia. Not only does this site have over 60 hours of streaming video, but we also have statics tutors to help you with your statics questions. Statics is the foundation of all of the engineering classes. Getting a firm understanding of statics is key to your statics class as well as other classes that use statics in the analysis such as strength of materials. Statics has never been easier than with streaming video. Watch and listen as your instructor guides you step-by-step to mastering statics. Learning statics using our technique makes you feel like you are in a classroom. We have over 60 hours (330 problems) of streaming video for statics. Many of our videos are free, just look for the Free icon next to the lesson. We also have online tutors to answer your statics questions. This is the place to go if you really want to learn statics! Back to Statics Home Page

Learning statics STATICS: Statics Analysis of forces on structures in statics equilibrium, properties of forces, moments, couples and resultant, conditions for statics equilibrium, friction, centroids, and area moments of inertia. Statics is one of the first hardcore engineering courses that engineering students take. The key to mastering statics is solving many problems so that after you have done enough statics problems you relize that most statics problems are the same, just a slight twist between the different statics problems.

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