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Course Name: Introduction to Visual Basic
Course length: 24 hours of instruction
Course Description: This course introduces building Windows Desktop Applications using the popular Visual Basic programming language. You will learn the basics of programming in a clear step by step approach, and will immediately apply the programming concepts to creating Windows applications. The course is very practical, with many examples of useful programs that help the student see how the concepts fit together. The basics of Game programming and graphical analysis of data are covered. An introduction to file storage and retrieval are also covered with Database applications and samples of connecting to and manipulating database information shown. The information in this course can be applied to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), in which Microsoft Office applications such as Word, or Excel can be automated. Examples of how to interface with an Excel spreadsheet are viewed, and more advanced topics such as Excel objects discussed. The Visual Basic programming language can also be applied to Internet Programming through the use of Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Script (VBScript). This course emphasizes the use of Visual Basic 6.0 which is the easiest form to learn the language. Although, the latest version Visual Basic.Net (VB.NET) is available to learn with, the system requirements and learning curve are greater due to the more advanced nature of the language. Once Visual Basic 6 is mastered the transition to other forms of Visual Basic (VB.NET, VBA or VBScript) are much easier and faster.

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