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College Chemistry
THERMOCHEMISTRY: Internal Energy, Enthalpy, Entropy, Free Energy, Hess's Law

LIGHT: Light Waves, Light Energy, Energy Level Electron Transitions, Heisenburg Uncertainty, de Broglie Wavelength, Schroedinger's Wave Equation

QUANTUM NUMBERS: Theory, Numbering Rules, Elemental Filling Order, Ions
PERIODIC PROPERITES: Z-effective, Atomic Size, Ionization Energy, Electron Affinity, Metallic Character
SOLID STATE: Cubic Structures, Z-diagrams, Material Band Structures/Energy Gaps, Semiconductors, Conductivity

BONDING: Valance Electrons, Ionic Bonds, Covalent Bonds, Metallic Bonds, Born Haber Cycle

LEWIS STRUCTURES and VSEPR SHAPES: How Covalent Species Bond Relative To The Species Present

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: Drawing Organic Structures, Naming Organic Structures, Isomers, Polymerization, Gas Chromatography, Infrared Spectroscopy

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